The Star Red River






BUTTERWORTH: A joss paper factory in Sungai Puyu was slapped with a fine for polluting a river with red ink. Seberang Prai Municipal Council president Datuk Rozali Mohamud said the owner was fined for disposing of factory waste into public space. The Department of Environment also issued a notice to the factory for the same offence. Its director Rusnani Abdullah said officers checked the factory yesterday after residents lodged reports over the “red river” on Sunday. “Investigations found that the factory has failed to comply with our regulations. “The owner was ordered to clean up the polluted river within three days,” he said. He added that officers also took water samples to determine if the red ink was dangerous. On Sunday, villagers in Kampung Alor Merah and Taman Seri Pinang nearby were shocked after seeing the river water turning red. The alarm was immediately raised as after in the river was used to irrigate padi fields in the area.

- THE STAR ONLINE (16 January 2018) -